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In the beginning, Imaginary Theater Company was very much imaginary.  It was the spring of 2015, I was getting ready to mount a fully staged production of my play "The Boat" in New Haven.  As I drew up promotional materials for auditions and performances, I was asked for the name of the presenting organization.  Imaginary Theater Company floated out of my brain and onto the page.  Very quickly, characters emerged: fellow teachers and artists volunteered for the cast and crew,  local businesses shared space and ideas with us, families donated their time and talent and children took their first bows on stage.  We chose the image of  a hot air balloon because it is whimsical: it can fly to far off places and because it is real: it returns from its adventures to land on the ground.  We believe in creating original children's theater that explores all aspects of the human experience: joy, grief, fear, courage, and most importantly, possibility.  Thank you for joining us.

Ever Upward,

Starry Krueger

(Founder, Imaginary Theater Company)



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Meet the amazing cast and crew of Imaginary Theater Company!

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Find out how we take original ideas from the page to the stage.

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