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Our Approach

How we take new plays from the page to the stage

Imaginary Theater Company

An Idea Is Born

Our plays start with a mix of real world challenges (grieving the loss of a loved one, changing family circumstances, coming up against social barriers) and fantasy (mermaids, singing statues, time traveling trains).  Over the course of the year, several readings are held.  Feedback from the readings is used to revise the script.  After many drafts and brainstorming sessions, the final script is printed.  Then it's on to auditions, rehearsals and show time!

Building Life Skills Through the Performing Arts

We believe the experience of acting in a play can help a child build skills they will use for the rest of their lives, on and off stage.  

  • Public Speaking: Through daily vocal warm ups and performing their lines, children learn to speak loudly, proudly and clearly.  
  • Teamwork: Through acting exercises and rehearsals, children learn to be active listeners, to encourage each other and to work together toward a common goal.
  • Literacy: Through memorizing, rehearsing and discussing the script children expand their vocabularies, improve their reading fluency, and learn to identify and analyze themes, character traits, motivation, problem and solution.
  • Empathy:  Theater introduces children to people, places, experiences and points of view they may not encounter in everyday life.  Embodying a character allows a child to literally walk in someone else's shoes. Each new play provides a new lens to view the world through.
Imaginary Theater Company
Imaginary Theater Company


One of the most unique aspects of Imaginary Theater Company is the mentoring experience.  Our adult actors raise the bar of performance and professionalism and act as positive, encouraging role models.  They help create an atmosphere of community where each child in the cast is challenged, supported and celebrated. 

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