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Watch our Virtual Performance celebrating the publication of "Canary, Cockroach, Phoenix!"

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Drama Notebook is the world's best site for drama teachers!  Imaginary Theater Company is proud to be featured as part of their royalty-free Script Library.

Every star contains a story to guide us as we go along.

Ariadne's favorite thing to do is to learn the stories of the night sky with her Grandma Seraphina. When her mother designs a skyscraper that blocks out the stars in the city, Ariadne sets out on a journey to find the stars and save them for her baby sister. As she navigates between her grandmother’s wisdom and the rapidly changing world around her, Ariadne makes some unexpected friends along the way including a wise canary, two glamorous cockroaches and the mischievous winds.  

Canary, cockroach, Phoenix

(July 2018 Production at Lyric Hall)

Read about Canary, Cockroach, Phoenix in The Arts Paper:

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